Lotus and Bay | Gemstone And Symbol Meanings
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Gemstone And Symbol Meanings

Gemstone Meanings and Chakra Information

List of Gemstones and Information


        1. Aquamarine- The Stone of The Mermaid
          Healing Properties: Eternal love, compassion, travel protection. Connection to the Throat Chakra
        2. Opal- The Stone of The Artist
          Healing Properties: Enhances creativity, imagination, and inspiration. It is also said to bring self-confidence. Connection to both the Heart and Splenic Chakras.
        3. Aventurine- The Stone of The Traveler
          Healing Properties: Brings opportunity, luck, motivation and acceptance. Connection to the Throat Chakra
        4. Turquoise- The Stone of The Powerful
          Healing Properties: Brings the power to accept, the power to love, the power to engage and the power to communicate. Connection to the Crown and Throat Chakras.
        5. Citrine- The Stone of The Sun Child
          Healing Properties: Brings positivity, light, balance and success- Combats negative energy. Connection to the Heart Chakra
        6. Moonstone- The Stone of The Goddess
          Healing Properties: Allows one to embrace femininity, fertility, self-worth and relaxation. Connection to the Throat Chakra
        7. Rose Quartz- The Stone of The Lover
          Healing Properties: Brings love to all aspects of life; Self love, love for the earth, love for one’s family, love for a partner. Connection to the Crown Chakra
        8. Lava Stone- The Stone of The Intuitive
          Healing Properties: Found within the core of the earth, lava stone enhances one’s intuition, brings light and allows one to shed the layered of emotional attachment. Connection to the Heart Chakra
        9. Amazonite- The Stone of Meditation
          Healing Properties: Calms the soul, releases tension, soothes the mind and relaxes the nervous system. Connection to the Throat and Root Chakras
        10. Labradorite- The Stone of The Dreamer
          Healing Properties: Enhances spiritual connection, releases greater connection to one’s dreams and purpose. Connection to the Third Eye Chakra
        11. Quartz- The Stone of The Cleanser
          Healing Properties: Enhances clarity in the mind, cleanses the mind and also assists in the cleansing of the digestive system
        12. Amethyst- The Stone of New Beginnings (The Stone of Forgiveness)
          Healing Properties: Allows one to release negative attachment, negative thought and negative emotions. Provides one with a clear mind and the power to create a fresh, healthy start in life. Also otherwise known as the Stone of Forgiveness. Connection to the Heart Chakra


The symbols below represent the meaning behind your gifted jewellery. Either gifted from a loved one, or from yourself, cherish the below words and ultimately believe that these very words are true and authentic. If spoken to yourself as gifted from yourself, view these words as a mantra and an intention. Intentions and mantras are spoken in the present tense. Never “I will” or “this will be” but rather “I am” or “you ARE”. You are exceptional and you deserve to know that.

    1. Heart– I love you, I cherish your existence and you mean very much to me.
    2. Feather– I urge you to set your soul free; free from hate, free from anxiety, free from pain and free from captivity. Surrender your soul.
    3. Infinity Sign– I have infinite love towards you. I will never stop loving the life that we share together.
    4. Lotus Flower– I have noticed your growth. You have grown from the mud and have blossomed into this beautiful world. You have taken the difficult times and have transformed them into something wonderful, and that deserves to be noticed.
    5. Sea Shell– You are ta natural product of this beautiful earth, and your detailing and characteristics within your soul are as unique as a shell found in the sand. You are beautiful, my love.
    6. OM– The light in me, honours the light in you.
    7. Circle– My love for you in unbound, never ending and is not circumstantial.
    8. Elephant– You are strong, you are powerful. You’ve got this.
    9. Bird– You rise above the hate, and embody that of a care-free soul.
    10. Sun– You are that of a YANG soul. You are passionate, warm, energetic and wild. You work me up in all of the best ways. I love that.
    11. Moon– You are that of a YIN soul. You are kind, cooling and calming. You relax my soul and settle me down. I cherish that.
    12. Hamsa– You are protected, you are cared for and you are safe. Never forget it.
    13. Key– You unlock the deepest parts of myself with the ways in which your carry your way through this beautiful life.
    14. Lock– Your secrets are safe with me, and I promise to be here for you through it all.
    15. Peace Sign– I urge you to find peace within yourself love. I urge you to create peace in this world and spread it everywhere you go.
    16. Cattle Head– You are mighty strong and exhibit the ability to overcome all boundaries and distances.
    17. Horse Shoe– You are in luck and great things are coming your way. Keep your head up and you will soon experience something incredible.
    18. Arrow– You are headed int he right direction. Respect the journey and cherish the moment.
    19. Fleur-De-Lis– You are superior and strong.
    20. Shark Tooth– The toughest of experiences cannot break the surface of your skin. I believe that you’ve got this.
    21. Mandala– Above the chaos of your life, you shine so bright.
    22. Tree of Life– We are interconnected, we are family, we are love, we are light.
    23. Buddha– You are wise and your knowledge has forever awakened my soul. I am grateful for what you have shared with me, and I cannot thank you enough for the impact that you have made on my life.