Lotus and Bay | Moonstone Meetings
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Moonstone Meetings




We have taken our love and appreciation for women
beyond the walls of gem making.
Lotus and Bay has introduced women’s circles that we classify as “Moonstone Meanings”
where our motive is to celebrate our femininity!
We chat, we share, we create and we love.
These are moments of appreciation for ourselves and the women that surround us.




These meetings consist of:


1. SAY HELLO– An intimate introduction where we learn 1 or 2 things about one another, set the tone for the evening by making new pals and ultimately, share our experiences, hardships and battles- You would be surprised with the warmth and support that these circles bring to each of us.


2. JEWEL TIME– The beading begins! There is something so special about the magic that we can create with our own two hands. Creating with your thoughts, abilities and emotions truly add emphasis on our capacities as women, and by accomplishing something beautiful with little to no guidance or instruction, we tend to surrender to the universe and allow our egos to fall away, leaving only space for love and appreciation. This is your opportunity to create your own very Lotus and Bay piece of jewellery, where you can hand select your crystals and findings- Depending on which circle you attend, essential oil infusion is also a key component to this portion of the evening!


3. SET YOUR INTENTION– Setting an intention with your new piece is easy. Consider what you need for yourself today. We’re not talking material items such as a new pair of shoes or pants. This is an energetic, emotional trait that you are lacking. Perhaps your intention is finding love within yourself, forgiving yourself, growing out of that dark space within yourself or nourishing yourself, fully and completely. Regardless of what it is, this intention is for YOU. Get raw and dirty about it.


4. YOGA We now instil that intention through the practice of yoga! We sweat, we stretch, we relax and we meditate. Enjoy various forms of yoga within a one hour session taught by Tori, who is a Hatha, Vinyasa and Power yoga trained yoga teacher!


5. REFRESH– At last, we enjoy refreshments. There are light snacks and yummies that are here for you to enjoy!


Stay tuned on Instagram and Facebook to find out when our next Moonstone Meeting is taking place near you!


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