Lotus and Bay | Our Story
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“Lotus and Bay is not favorable due to the common misconception of brand idolization, where products are solely purchased to suit the materialistic and egotistical needs of the customer. Lotus and Bay defies the norm of brand idolization by portraying the exact opposite. Our product is purchased by those who desire quality over quantity, with a specific interest in enhancing their mental and physical, natural capabilities as women. This is done without the assistance of trying to be somebody that we are not; something that is often encouraged by the media and society today. Lotus and Bay jewellery is a product of who we are as women; unique, indispensable and authentically beautiful”


Tori Lovegrove, Owner of Lotus and Bay Jewellery


Our Inspiration


Lotus and Bay Jewellery embraces elements of the earth, revitalizes energies of the soul and enhances the holistic well being of women around the world through the use of raw crystal properties. Our motive is to deepen the connection between our breath and the earth as we practice meditation, yoga, individuality and our freedom to breathe positivity and love into this life through the art of jewellery. We highly value the beauty of women which entails the oppression and hardships that we have gone through in the past and continue to experience in the present. We believe in the unity of women and spreading the awareness that we are in this battle life together and although we have come a long way, it is so very important that we stick together and overcome the pain that is left in this world towards women, to give our daughters and their daughters a rich, beautiful life that is free of digression, objectification, violence, disrespect and inequality. Let us first better ourselves in regards to our minds, bodies and souls, then channel that energy into the world in a graceful, yet bad bitch type of way. Together, we’ve got this. xo

About Tori


As a child, I’d walk hand in hand with my mom down the shore of Northwinds Beach, searching for beach glass, shells and stones to add to my collection of treasures. Of course, many of my findings sparkled beneath the water, which then lead me to paint each piece with clear nail polish to create the same effect. I guess that’s where it all began. Growing up in Collingwood Ontario, at the base of Blue Mountain Escarpment, I’ve always had an appreciation for earth’s beauty: the trees, the sand, the snow, the sun. I began my yoga practice at age seventeen, which lead me to gain a greater appreciation for the soul and the warmth it needs to thrive.  I am currently living in Toronto Ontario, completing a degree in Social Sciences and Psychology, which has also allowed me to make the connection between the earth, the soul and the mind.  I couldn’t imagine a better way to express this connection than through the use of handmade jewellery. Each piece of mine is a reflection of the earth, and the gifts it has so generously provided to each and every one of us. Raw stones and crystals release energetic properties that I’ve always felt a true connection to. I am so incredibly excited to share this experience with my fellow ladies, as we begin the journey of empowerment, freedom and solace. Namaste.