Lotus and Bay | Set Your Intention
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Setting Your Intention


By this stage in the process, your jewels have officially arrived- yay! First and foremost, put 1 hour aside today. Consider this hour to be an intimate space between you and your new gems. Think of this time as a time to initiate growth. What has your soul been longing for? Setting an intention with your new piece is easy. Consider what you need for yourself today. We’re not talking materials items such as a new pair of shoes or pants. This is an energetic, emotional trait that you are lacking. Perhaps your intention is finding love within yourself, forgiving yourself, growing out of that dark space within yourself or nourishing yourself, fully and completely. Regardless of what it is, this intention is for YOU. Get raw and dirty about it. Pick up your Lotus and Bay intention card that you received in the mail, write down your intention and sit with it.


Step 1: Set your intention.
Write a list of what makes you happy in life, then write a list of what makes you sad. Compare the lists, correct accordingly. Notice that this is something that you have yet to accomplish. Allow yourself to be vulnerable.


Step 2: Let’s talk about it.
At this point, we recommend spending 10-15 minutes on a journal entry. Simply lying on your stomach with a journal and a pen, being so open and raw with yourself is one of the most challenging things that we can encounter with ourselves. We promise you, that getting your thoughts out of your head and in front of your on paper will be the warmest, most special and relieving feeling you have felt today. Give yourself this time.


Step 3: Jewel time.
Place your new gem(s) in some salt water for about 5 minutes. (If you have purchased a suede choker, skip the water and go straight to sunlight or moonlight to cleanse your piece). This cleansing process is very important, as you are now home for this piece and that piece is home for you. It must be your energy only that sits on the surface of your new gem(s). Wipe the slate clean.


Step 4: True Intentions.
Let’s meditate. Sit on a soft and comfortable surface, with your new gem(s) resting in the palm of your receptive hand. Shut your eyes and for some time, repeat your intention to yourself, either vocally or mentally. Remember to use the words I AM and not I WILL BE. For example, if one wanted to focus on loving themselves, one would say “I am loved by myself” or “I do love myself” and this process can be repeated until your have tricked your beautiful mind into thinking that your intention has already proved true. And perhaps it has, but this process often takes time and involves living in the present every single day. With every glance at your piece, you will be reminded of what this intention means to you, and how important it is that you accomplish your goal. Don’t time this out. Do not tell yourself that for example, your intention will be complete within the next 3 weeks. There is no time frame. There is only now, and Lotus and Bay has built this intention process for you to understand that things take time and that patience and consistency is key to success. This isn’t about the jewellery. This is 100% about you and bringing your dreams to life within this beautiful mind, body and soul of yours. Lotus and Bay jewellery is simply a creative, natural and earth outlet that will give you the push to accomplish those dreams in the healthiest and happiest and natural of ways. You’ve got this, we promise. We’ve got you girl.


Our jewels are 100% 925 Sterling Silver and will last you a lifetime and can therefore be worn in the shower, during a workout or a swim. They are to be placed on the body and never removed. May Lotus and Bay bring you light, solace and immense positive growth. With all my love, T XOXO