Lotus and Bay | Your Gem’s Journey
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Your Gem’s Journey



Your piece’s journey, from us to you:


There is something beautiful about the distance that our jewellery has travelled to make it into our lives. Gems carry purpose, properties and magic that resonate with us all, individually, on a very personal level. These pieces have found their way to you for a reason; whether that reason may align with the cycle of the moon, the star constellations in the sky, or simply the emotions in your soul that crave crystal satisfaction. Bottom line: These jewels carry intention and what could the intention process be like, without having understood where these jewels have come from?


Once travelling through Bali, Thailand, Mexico and numerous beautiful countries in this world, your crystals have made it into the Lotus and Bay studio, where we take crystal cleansing very seriously. At this point, your crystals will have touched so many hands and souls throughout the packaging and shipping process that they are absolutely covered in various people’s energy.


      1. Crystals arrive in wholesalers and small local businesses around the city of Toronto
      2. Tori hand selects strands of crystal beads, raw crystals and silver findings
      3. The gems then travel in her bike basket for about 20 minutes until they have reached the initiation stage: creation.
      4. Rocking the student life, your gems are often created between the hours of 12am-5am- where creative juices have the wildest flow to them, am I right?
      5. Upon completion, your crystal jewellery is unpacked and placed in a basket, that later rests on Tor’s Toronto apartment balcony in the moonlight to be cleansed. (There are a number of ways to cleanse your crystals; A soak in salt water, placing them in the dirt etc. We prefer the qualities of moonlight over all, basically when it comes to everything in life).
      6. The following morning, each piece is carefully wrapped and placed into a safe box to be shipped, completely untouched with negative energy (this process occurs after Tor’s morning coffee, of course).
      7. Gems are sent on their way to you!


When your package has arrived, we suggest a 5 minute cleanse in salt water followed by a short meditation once setting your intention. Take this seriously. Our jewellery is meant to bring so much more to you than just a sparkle on your neck, wrist or finger. Resonate with your gems.